14 Modern Industrial Pendant Lighting Trends That’ll Make Your Life Better

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14 Modern Industrial Pendant Lighting Trends That’ll Make Your Life Better

14 best modern industrial pendant light ideas trends 2019

Modern pendant lighting is all about clean lines, bright materials, and the right scale. Here are 14 epic trends in lighting that will inspire you to make these fresh, easy upgrades.


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2019 trending pendant light for kitchen Geometric Designs PENDANT LIGHTINGS

$89, Geometric Style Black Pendant, by JUDY Lighting

Geometric Designs

One of the easiest ways to get that modern house feel is to incorporate sharp angles and geometric patterns in fabrics, furniture and lighting. It’s easy to overdo this trend, however, and when it comes to pendant lighting, one or two fixtures is enough to make a statement without overwhelming the space.

Click here to check out more geometric style pendant lights.


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2019 14 trending pendant light INDUSTRIAL STYLE No-Glass Lanterns PENDANT CEILING LIGHT


No-Glass Lanterns

Lanterns are a hot commodity in kitchens, and that’s a look that’s not likely to change in the short-term. A modern twist on traditional pendant lighting is to include lanterns that don’t contain any glass as part of a kitchen lighting plan. And not only do they reduce glare, but they are also easy to clean and have a modern, open look.


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cage globe carmen Orb Lights

$299, Ombret 6-Light Globe Orb Chandelier, by JUDY Lighting

Orb Lights

What makes orb lights so modern is their simple lines and bold, natural shape. And if you’re looking to hang a new light fixture, an orb will be right at home in any room of the house. Just be sure to check the dampness rating for a fixture before hanging in bathrooms or other potentially damp locations.


Blown Glass pendant light judylighting

Blown Glass

Blown glass shades can throw a bright, modern light and make a statement no matter where they are in your home. Wherever you use this style, here’s how to decide whether you need cheap or expensive light switches for the job.


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JUDY LIHGTING Edison Pendants


Edison Pendants

Easily recognizable, these bulbs are a replica of Edison’s first lightbulb and contain a yellow filament which gives off a soft glow. They are a staple of industrial modern design and even come in energy-saving LED and dimmable formats. Here are some additional tips on choosing LED light bulbs for your home.


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Multiples of Three

There is a longstanding design guideline which states that items grouped in threes are more interesting and memorable than other numbers. And this trend has been brought to the dining room by way of replacing a single chandelier with multiple pendant lighting in a row. Not only does this direct light evenly over a long, rectangular dining table, it can make the room appear longer. Also, learn how to properly cut drywall for an opening, and you can create this modern look in your own home.
2019 Trending pendant light 3 light pendant cord set kit


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$84, BROOKLYN Old Factory Steel Pendant, by JUDY Lighting

Vintage Metal

Vintage enamel or metal barn-style pendant lighting like Brooklyn Series by JUDY Lighting, is bigger than ever. While it looks great in any room, it’s important to remember that light will only be cast downward, so use with caution in a room with a lack of natural light. And to solve this problem, install recessed lighting to create a layered lighting effect that won’t leave you in the dark.



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2019 TRENDING LIVING ROOM LIGHTING IDEASKuprynenko Andrii/Shutterstock

Go Big

Just like these DIY accent walls, having a focal point is important in every room. An effortless way to add focus is with a larger-than-life light fixture that does all the talking. This is a simple upgrade which can add value to your home.


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2019 trending living room decor pendant light ideas

Natural Materials

Any project that brings nature indoors is a good thing for a modern home. And consider pendant lighting shaded with seagrass, paper or linen for a natural look that is sure to never go out of style.


Modern Crystal

This isn’t your grandma’s chandelier. Modern crystal pendant lighting pair chunky resin crystals with modern shapes to create an elegant room that avoids feeling dated. And update a modern chandelier with a vintage dining room set, painted and reupholstered with today’s colors for a look that is pin-worthy.


Photo: judylighting.com/Shutterstock


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2019 trending pendant light for bedrooms Pulley Lights

Pulley Lights

The swag light is back. In the 60s and 70s, plug-in swag lights that hang from the ceiling were a staple in homes without hardwired ceiling lights. And today’s swag pendant lighting comes in fresh and funky motifs that are a throwback to times gone by, with a modern twist. All you need is a working electrical outlet and a ceiling hook to make this style work.


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2019 best trending pendant light ideas judylighting Golden Hues

Golden Hues

It’s true that gold is the new black but we don’t mean the brassy 80s pieces that are so shiny they could blind you. Instead, opt for soft golds and burnished hues which come across as neutral in any space. And choose the right paint colors and your gold-toned pendant lighting will celebrate your space, but not compete for attention.


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2019 14 trending pendant lights for home Bright Colors pendant lights

Bright Colors

With all the money you save on your electrical bill by switching to smart light switches, you can splurge of some bright pendant lighting to amplify your decor. And bright accents can be a hit, if done properly. Just remember when it comes to accent colors, easy does it. Choose one or two focal pieces and treat the rest with a neutral hand.

Photo: Krista Abel/Shutterstock


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2019 trending pendant lights for dining room Squares and Rectangles pendant light

Squares and Rectangles

Anything with a square or rectangular shape is a hit for modern lighting. And simple lines and the absence of glass coupled with a little wood trim makes this a popular modern pendant light.

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