How Wall Sconces Can Improve Your Interior Home Decor?

How Wall Sconces Can Improve Your Interior Home Decor?

A little light can go a long way toward cheering up your home. Wall sconces can light up a hallway, flank the front door and give you a better view at the vanity. Plus, they don’t use any floor or table space.

Sconces Double as Decor

Use unique decorative lighting to make a bold statement, or go for a linen shade to get a relaxed texture. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures look antique, while a modern black finish pop on a white wall. Lavish crystal sconces set on both sides of a broad mirror add a touch of elegance. Not sure what’s right for your home? A brushed nickel or chrome light will match almost any decor style.


What Kind of Light Is Best?

Every light can have its own function. Point your shade up to create a warm glow ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Use a sconce as spotlight-style accent lighting to showcase a shelf display. Near a desk, install a swing arm fixture that can rotate to brighten your workspace. Try candle wall sconces with dimmers or frosted glass shades in the dining room to set the mood. At night, try a light that senses darkness or motion to help in the hallway. An LED wall sconce will last a long time and doesn’t produce heat like other bulbs, so it’s perfect for flush mount lighting.

Whether you need a hardwired light or a wall sconce with a switch, find the right fit for your home when you browse through our selection. Be sure to check our lighting guide for more information, tips and ideas.


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