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Please meet our new buddy - a 7 year old, 10kg Chinese Yellow Cat, named "BB"

BB, a big cute female kitty with a yellow mask on its face, will stay with us in our office for couple days. She is in recovery of an open wound and her owner has to be away from town for couple days.

BB got cut by a screw of an broken window handle when trying to jump from it to the floor. You can see the shaved belly from pictures below! 

We will take care of her these days and I think it's gonna be fun!! We really love cats and I have two cats myself for long and there will be no problem taking care of this big buddy. 


yellow cat

yellow cat


yellow cat

yellow cat hiding

yellow cat sleeps around the wood table lamp

yellow cat

Looks like this big lady loves to sleep around our Minimalist Wood Table Lamp. ...Click here to check it out. 

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