14 Mar

5 Most Popular 2019 Home Lighting Trends

If you’re looking to make a New Year’s resolution with your interior design at home, lighting is a great place to start. Here are  5 most popular 2019 home lighting trends for you.

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28 Jan

14 Modern Industrial Pendant Lighting Trends That’ll Make Your Life Better

Modern pendant lighting is all about clean lines, bright materials, and the right scale. Here are 14 epic trends in lighting that will inspire you to make these fresh, easy upgrades.   1 /...

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22 Jan

The Rise of Industrial Design in Modern Living

Think of a warehouse. Think of worn-out wood flooring, brick walls, and metal bars exposed from the ceiling. Now, think of converting that into an office, or a home. This might seem like a crazy i...

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10 Apr

10 Most Inspirational Blogs for Farmhouse Style Decorating

As a farmhouse style light fixture designer and manufacturer, we've been always looking for inspirations and ideas through the interwebs. Fortunately we've discovered many farmhouse decorating blo...

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02 Nov

10 Christmas Light Ideas That Will Top Your Neighbour's House

Once you get them untangled, holiday lights are key to the postcard-perfect Christmas scene. Wrap them around porches and stair rails, stuff them in trees and bushes ... aaand just about everywhere else for the most cheerful house on the block.

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01 Jun

Old Fashioned Industrial Pipe Lamp Pendant Lighting - Judy Lighting Projects

The D50 Industrial Style Pipe Pendant Lamp by Judy Lighting is a classical model of the vintage lights, well-designed by Judy Lighting, and hand painted in their workshop. The pipe lamp is pre-ass...

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