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  In our recent post, we introduced our Warm White Fairy String Light Bulb, after it was used as vanity lights for mirrors in dressing room by several of our customers, which turned out to be so surprisingly amazing and beautiful.  Since then we have listed 7 more colors of the fairy bulbs on our online store and Amazon store. Not surprisingly, they are the most worth buying and trending decorative light bulbs now on Amazon.  We have selected some of top reviews and photos shared by our customers:   1. Warm White - LED Fairy String Light Bulb Promising review: "This has got...

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Minimal, clean, and stylish, the Judy Lighting T10 Fireworks LED bulb is a true decorative bulb poised to enhance any style of interior décor 💡    Judy Lighting Brand's T10 Vintage LED bulb boasts a unique fireworks LED design which replicates traditional incandescent style bulbs. With three layers of LEDs that makes up three "fireworks clusters" contained within the bulb, Judy T10 Vintage LED bulb remarkably gives a unique decoration to your place. With a 2300K color temperature and clear colored glass, this line can bring a warm glow and romantic feel to any space.   Modern and retro style: Three layers...

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