The Most Amazing Light Bulbs You Can Get On Amazon - G95 LED Fairy String Light Bulbs

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The Most Amazing Light Bulbs You Can Get On Amazon - G95 LED Fairy String Light Bulbs

 G95 Flickering Flashing fairy string light bulb vanity lights christmas lights

In our recent post, we introduced our Warm White Fairy String Light Bulb, after it was used as vanity lights for mirrors in dressing room by several of our customers, which turned out to be so surprisingly amazing and beautiful. 

Since then we have listed 7 more colors of the fairy bulbs on our online store and Amazon store. Not surprisingly, they are the most worth buying and trending decorative light bulbs now on Amazon. 

We have selected some of top reviews and photos shared by our customers:


1. Warm White - LED Fairy String Light Bulb

fairy string light led bulb on amazon

Promising review: "This has got to be the cutest light bulb I've ever seen before. It's got that nice warm glow with the beauty of string lights inside. I have fairy string lights all over my home so when I saw I can get a lightbulb with them inside I knew I had to have it. I like to use late at night when the house is settling down. It provides like I said a nice warm glow. Not too bright! The string lights do not blink, its just a constant light until you turn it off. Fits perfect in my standard lamp. The company also provides a 1-year warranty just in case something were to happen. I've been using mine now for months and it's been fine. Doesn't get warm at all. This lightbulb would work for any home. Around a vanity mirror perhaps? However you choose to use it, I know you won't be disappointed. - Henny~Penny


2. Cool White - LED Fairy String Light Bulb

Promising review: "Pretty and delightful to see. Nice "cool white" light. I've been back for more and more--including "warm white" (romantic), blue, and pink. These will make great gifts for friends, also, so I'm buying extras. Everyone will like them as much as I do." - Alan Dunay


3. Flashing Bulb - LED Fairy String Light Bulb

Promising review:

"I absolutely love this. Put it in a light with a white alabaster shade. Feels very festive. Should have bought more." - Amazon Customer 

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