20 Sep

Download for FREE! 2017 Fall Catalog for decorative bulbs out now!

 Click here to order it for free now or Scan the QR Code to a direct check out. No payment is required Incandescents - P6 LED Edison - P9 Spiral LED Filament - P19 Fairy String Li...

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18 Sep

Can I Put an LED Light Bulb on a Dimmer Switch?

LED lighting for the home has come a long way in recent years and is now available in everything from standard-shaped screw-in bulbs to futuristic flexible lighting tapes. And yes, LED lights ca...

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23 Jul

Please meet our new buddy - a 7 year old, 10kg Chinese Yellow Cat, named "BB"

BB, a big cute female kitty with a yellow mask on its face, will stay with us in our office for couple days. She is in recovery of an open wound and her owner has to be away from town for couple da...

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17 Jul

DIY a Vintage Industrial Style Vanity Light for Dressing Room Mirror

Photo credit: Amazon Customer Cynthia   Most women have always wanted dressing room mirror that lights up. Always. In fact you don't need to be professional or crafty to set out on the DIY missi...

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06 Jul

A gift of Summer - T10 Tubular Firework LED Light Bulb

Minimal, clean, and stylish, the Judy Lighting T10 Fireworks LED bulb is a true decorative bulb poised to enhance any style of interior décor 💡    Judy Lighting Brand's T10 Vintage LED bulb boast...

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01 Jun


Looking for some ideas for your cool bathroom or kitchen island? Shedding light on your space with maximum impact and minimal effort, these easy-to-use and simple lighting set-ups are made for tho...

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